Track Day Details & Groups

Here is how it works;

Track Days are large events for all skill levels. (See group details below). This is the most cost effective way to get on track. Rider normally see (6) twenty minute sessions daily with an hour between sessions. Coaches are on track to provide general guidance. These days are ideal for new riders.

What makes us unique?

  • We separate riders by experience, pace and skill into separate group sessions. Each rider group spends approx. 20 minutes per session on track.
  • 4 group riding sessions allows our guests to pick the exact group they are properly skilled for. We see less variance in skills / pace per group this way. 
    • Group 1 - (A) Advanced Riders
    • Group 2 - (B1) Intermediate Riding Group
    • Group 3 - (B2) Intermediate Riding Group
    • Group 4 - (C/NEW) Beginner and New Rider Clinic
  • Our B group has become large enough to separate them into 2 separate groups. These are separated by registration date. There is no skill difference between B1 & B2. 
  • Riders can expect 6 sessions per day. We want to make sure riders can attend the entire event before fatigue sets in. (You will leave exhausted.) To keep prices low we created a schedule to maximize what our customers prefer.
  • With 4 groups, this allows us to run smaller groups. Our guests can expect to see 20% less riders per group on average than a typical track event.
  • Smaller group sizes enables the rider to make the most out of every minute on track attributed to less traffic.
  • Lastly - we have seen NEW track riders get overwhelmed by the pace of the C group. There have also been cases where the NEW riders can present obstacles for C group riders. We added the "NEW" group for those wanting a bit milder overall pace with a focus on track orientation. 
  • Riders can change groups with a control riders approval.

Please use the criteria below to determine your riding group

Should any of our groups sell out - do NOT SIGN UP for a group you are not at the correct skill level for. Example - If you are a B group rider, do not sign up for A (You are likely not fast enough for this group) and do not sign up for C (You are likely too fast for this group).


 A - Advanced = This group is for riders who race motorcycles or have a great deal of track experience. Typically in excess of 8-10 track days completed. These riders are proficient with trail braking, passing and an expert at race lines. 


B - Intermediate = This group is for rider who are amateur road racers or have some track experience. Typically in excess of 5-8 track days completed. These riders are often comfortable with a "knee down" in nearly all corners and have a sense of the proper lines. *  There is no skill difference between B1 & B2. 


C - Novice = This group is for riders who are new to the race track or have limited experience. Typically in this group is for riders with 1-4 track days completed. Riders in the group are typically not comfortable passing in corners and at most touch a "knee down" in 1-2 corners. First time riders should not sign up for this group.


NEW - New Rider Clinic = This is for first time track day riders or those with 0 to 2 days completed at the track. Consider this track day 101 - the fundamental basics for track day. The team starts off slow (Mornings) and builds up to a solid pace (Mid day / afternoon). This group will have a great deal of instruction throughout the day. Ideal for your first track day or few.