Our Team

The core of our program is the team that make it up. With over 80 years of track experience between 6 riders, we offer expertise, good communication skills with a focus on FUN!

We have been coaching for close to a decade now and hope you join us for an amazing day of training. 

Below is a brief recap of our extraordinary team of coaches;

  • James "Philly" Joyce - First Track Event - 2002
    • National & Regional Expert Level CCS Road Racer & Champion, Amateur Champion (Select classes), Coach and Curriculum Expert since 2014



  • Ash Natarajan - First Track Event - 2004
    • Regional Expert Level CCS Road Racer (multiple podiums), YCRS/ ChampSchool graduate, MSF Basic Rider Coach, Head Coach, Control Rider and New Rider Clinic Coach


  • Johnathan Carlson - First Track Event - 2013
    • ASMA Amateur Road Racer, Head Coach, Control Rider and New Rider Clinic Coach


    • Alissa Fergueson - First Track Event - 2011
      • 2021 (4) Time Amateur Champion ASMA, Expert Level Road Racer, Coach and Control Rider


    • Sean Ungvarsky - First Track Event - 2015 
      • Moto America Professional Road Racer (8 podiums), 2020 AMA Supermoto National Champion, Coach and Control Rider.


    Jim Hornaday - First Track Event - 2014

      • Expert CVMA Road Racer, Amateur Champion (Select classes), YCRS Champ Graduate, New Rider Clinic Coach



    • Jeremy Sims - First Track Event - 2015
      • Expert Level Road Racer, Podiums In Multiple Classes with CVMA, WERA, and ASMA, Coach & Control Rider



    • Charles Silver - First Track Event - 2017
      • Expert Level Road Racer with numerous Podiums with (CRA) and Arroyo Seco (ASMA), Ultralight GP Amateur Champion 2021
        Control Rider and Coach. Motorcycle training: Advanced Rider Techniques, Lee Parks Total Control l & II with over 175 hours of Private 1:1 Coaching w several mentors