Motorcycle Road Racing Clinic at The Podium Club

Motorcycle Road Racing Clinic Presented by The Podium Club @ Attesa

Motorcycle Road Racing Clinic at The Podium Club is a 2 day training and licensing event. The two day program is INTENSE and not like any program available stateside. Our mission is to prepare riders to the best of our ability to be competent, safe and capable road racers while offering a world class experience at a world level facility.

The goal is to build road racers who are ready to take on their local road racing organization or national / international dreams. We will ensure as a participant you will be ready to enter your first race and stand out amongst the crowd as well prepared and capable of winning. 

During the event participants will be learning the track and mastering the art of Motorcycle Road Racing. Our coaches will be on track and track side providing guidance throughout the event. Skills like planning effective and safe passes will be discussed and practiced every session. There will not be a shortage of resources, information and tools to ensure you have a fun, rewarding and memorable experience.

A typical event schedule - DAY 1

  • 6am - Arrive, unpack and sign in for the day
  • 7am - Track Walk / Lines Overview / Riders Meeting
  • 830am - Learn the track, spin some laps
  • 930am - Classroom - Flags, how Riders Communicate and Penalties
  • 1030am - Passing Techniques / Exercises with coaches
  • 1130am - Classroom - Race Protocols and Procedures including penalties, appeals and protests
  • 12pm - Lunch
  • 1pm - Mock Starts - Learn to Launch the Motorcycle
  • 130pm - Classroom - Race Simulation (1st call through trophy acceptance - every step in-between.) 
  • 2pm - Gridding and how to manage braking into turn 1 
  • 230pm - Sprint Race (With Coaches observing only)
  • 330-5pm - Coach Observations / Open Session - Direct feedback from the day from the coaching staff and things to think over and prepare to address the following day 

Schedule for - Day 2 

  • 7am - Track Walk / Lines Overview / Riders Meeting
  • 830am - Spin some laps / loosen up
  • 930am - Classroom - Scoring and Qualifications to Advance
  • 1030am - Sprint Race / Coaches Grid & Participate in Race 
  • 11am - Classroom - Race Debrief, Lessons Learned with Q&A
  • 1130pm - Lunch
  • 1230pm - 1 on 1 Coaching
  • 130pm - Classroom - Crashing, Safety and how to secure SUPPORT for your racing program. 
  • 2pm - Final Sprint Races -
    • Participants must demonstrate skills required to represent this program and all of its graduates.
    • Riders fail the program if they present a safety issue or can't prove they are ready to race wheel to wheel.
    • Zero mistakes can be made during the final sprint race of the day. This includes proper gridding, safe passes and adherence to race rules so there are no penalties. (i.e. passing under yellow for example)
    • Crashing during this final race will results in the student not passing for the day.
    • Pass/Fail is at the discretion of the organization.
  • 230pm - Classroom - Race Debrief
  • 3pm-4pm - Open Session
  • 4pm - Certification / Awards Ceremony