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Track Day

Brake Free Track Days

Brake Free Track Days

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Rider Group

You have many options available. These are the classes available.

We utilize 4 riding groups to keep them small. Riding sessions will last 20 minutes long and riders will be on track every 4th session. This will give riders 20 minutes of riding with 60 minutes of recovery time.

A - Advanced = This group is for riders who race motorcycles or have a great deal of track experience. Typically in excess of 8-10 track days completed. These riders are proficient with trail braking, passing and an expert at race lines. 

B - Intermediate = This group is for rider who are amateur road racers or have some track experience. Typically in excess of 5-8 track days completed. These riders are often comfortable with a "knee down" in nearly all corners and have a sense of the proper lines.

C - Novice = This group is for riders who are new to the race track or have limited experience. Typically in this group is for riders with 1-4 track days completed. Riders in the group are typically not comfortable passing in corners and at most touch a "knee down" in 1-2 corners. First time riders should not sign up for this group.

NEW - New Rider Clinic = This is for first time track day riders or those with 1 or 2 days completed at the track. Consider this track day 101 - the fundamental basics for track day. The team starts off slow (Mornings) and builds up to a solid pace (Mid day / afternoon). This group will have a great deal of instruction throughout the day. Ideal for your first track day or few. 

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